MPYC Burgee

Founded in 1953 as a not-for-profit organization, the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club is a yachting and social club comprised of over 400 adult and junior members who have an interest in sharing boating, sailing, yacht racing and social activities. Club membership is not limited to boat owners.



The Outstanding Cruiser of the Year Award is voted on by the MPYC Cruising Club and presented at the Commodore's Ball.


Burgee of Merit for Outstanding Cruising
1991 Dan Clarke 2002 Sharon Halvorson
1992 Ron Gorrell 2003 (not awarded)
1993 Jim Johns 2004 (not awarded)
1994 George Penley 2005 Charles Jacobson
1995 Norm & Cherie Seidel 2006 Jack Allen
1996 John King 2007 Paul Brocchini
1997 Robinson Jeffers 2008 Sam & Bill Fleetwood
1998 Sharon Halvorson 2009 Sam & Bill Fleetwood
1999 Sam & Bill Fleetwood  
2000 Sharon Halvorson  
2001 Charles Jacobson