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This I Want to Crew list contains information about people who are interested in Sailing on a boat in a Race.

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  Full Name Racing Experience Availability Describe Yourself Date
Tyler Elko 0-5 times I am available to race...most any day or time. I'm self employed for the time being. I am a 28 year old world traveler with a good amount of small boat and cruising experience who knows next to nothing about racing.... yet. I have twice sailed/rowed from Albany, NY to/from Burlington, VT in a homemade, wooden dory. In Burlington, VT I wor... 2017-11-05
michelle mattraw More than 5 years I am available to race...you name it!! Ii am an experienced racer also!! I owned a cal 20 in Portrland Oregon for 14 years. b efore I moved down here. I love being out on the rater and I raced my cal for 13 years. I love to cruise and race. 2017-10-27
Jeannie Smith 1-5 years I am available to race... Sundays & Wednesdays ALL YEAR. Foredeck experience. Enjoy just day-sailing for fun or practice too. Mature & seasoned (F/60s) Windsurfer & Hobie-Cat owner. ASA Keel Boat Certifications 101-103. 2017 Sunset Series on Santana 22 foredeck. Looking for experience on larger boats and more Spinnaker practice. Just day sailing for fun & practice works too. 2017-10-22
Ben Wiseley More than 5 years I am available to race... pretty much anytime - I work from home and have a flexible schedule I'm 47, lived on a sailboat in Boston and Seattle for 10 years. I've done many long distance offshore deliveries. Crewed on the Marion-Bermuda race (600 miles). Lots of casual night racing experience. Lots of storm sailing experience. Lot's of single hand... 2017-10-13
FERNANDO 0-5 times 2nd and 4th Weekend available for racing, cruising, volunteering . Possible Wednesday but have 2 jr sailors 8 and 11. New sailor. Lifetime ocean lover. Swim, scuba, hiking, I loved it all. I have an ol Catalina 27 in San Mateo but prefer sailing MB. After a couple beer can races, Im definitely ready to win the americas cup. I would really like to do the transpac in ... 2017-08-20
michelle mattraw More than 5 years I am available to race...most any time. I have owned a cal 20 which is for sale in Portland, Oregon. I was the skipper for 13 years and I am excellent crew. I would love to go out with you! 2017-08-05
Hank Hodges 0-5 times Any night and weekend, and possible weekdays as well. I'm an NPS student who loves to sail our Catalina 27s and I'm looking for more sailing fun. 2017-07-29
Brandon Chuman 0-5 times I am available to race pretty much any evening, all day Wednesdays and Friday's, and weekends. I have owned three boats, have lived on a boat for 1.5 years, and sailed routinely for the last 3 years. I have boat crew training from the USCGAUX, which I volunteer for. 2017-07-12
John Tennyson More than 5 years I am available to race...Next Wednesday, 12 July. I'll be housesitting at my Uncle's place in Monterey and would like to know if anyone can use another hand on a keelboat. I'm a member of South Beach YC in San Francisco and am the skipper of a Catalina 30. We've been doing our Friday night beer can series since '99. I can steer, grind, tail, trim sails or fetch beer. At 56, I'm probably better on a keelboat than a dingy. T... 2017-07-06
Steven Stiles More than 5 years I am available to race...anytime--I am retired I have been sailing for 40+ years. (Yes, I'm 65). I Have crewed on a number of boats during regattas in the BVI and have owned a number of boats. I do not consider myself a hard core racer but would love to crew for a skipper who is. I currently own a ... 2017-06-27
Brandon Chuman 0-5 times I am available to race evenings and weekends and Wednesday and Friday mornings I am 33. I have owned 3 sailboats, lived on one for a year and a half, have weekend sailed most of that time. I am also boat crew trained through the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, which I volunteer for. 2017-06-24
Drew Arlen Burrier 0-5 times My schedule is very flexible so I am available to race most days I am a graduate student in Physical Oceanography at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and spend a great deal of time on the sea, but I've recently taken a few sailing lessons and have absolutely fallen in love with it. I am anxious to develop as a sailor a... 2017-05-30
Michelle Mattraw More than 5 years I am available to race...anytime I have 14 years experience as captain on my own cal 20 in portland oregon. Sunshine is up for sale is anyone can bring her down here...only $1700!! I am very enthusiastic; knowledgeable, flexible, and I CAN DO FOREDECK 2017-05-16
Randall Blades 0-5 times I am available to race on wednesdays and saturdays Beginning- ASA 101-104 2017-05-16
Magan Smith 0-5 times evenings and weekends I am a hard worker who would love to work on my skills. I took sailing lessons 3 years ago in Okinawa, Japan with my husband and we went out a couple of times ourselves. Now that my sons are older and we live in such a great sailing community I would l... 2017-05-14
PAUL HOUTZ 0-5 times I am available to race I'm super active and love the water. I am new to sailing and have zero experience, but really want to learn and to be involved. I want to take advantage of my time in Monterey and take up a new hobby. I'm in my 30's, fit, and excited to learn! 2017-04-28
michelle Mattraw More than 5 years I am available to race...and cruise. I just love to go sailing. I have 14 years of racing experience in Oregon on the gorge... I owned a cal 20 I skippered at that time. Now looking to be very helpful crew person. I can do most positions..including forede... Short, enthusiastic, flexible and bring fun and experience!! 2017-04-27
Michelle Mattraw More than 5 years I am available to race...most any day. or evening. I own a cal 20 in Portland, Oregon which I am selling. Have been the captain for 14 years. would love to race...can do foredeck on a smaller boat as I am 5'2" and a woman. Please call....503-9977634. see above.... 2017-04-19
Jeannie Smith 1-5 years I am available to race... most Wednesday pm races and most Sundays . . . all summer. Past racing experience in windsurfing and HobieCats. Current: ASA 101 & 103 Keel Boat Certifications 2014-2015. Mature (60's), now volunteering part-time at MB Aquarium, kayaker, tennis player and environmentalist. Just love being out on the water.. . ... 2017-03-17
jennifer westfall 0-5 times I am available to race...my schedule is pretty flexible. . I am a hard worker and want to learn how to be really good crew! I have sailed mostly in French Polynesia. I have some sailing experience, but want to be consistent with learning! I am willing to work hard, like to have fun and think I am an all-around good person;) New to the area and look forward to meeting some f... 2017-03-10