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Full Name : Lucas Augusto Rangel Tilley
Email Address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone Number : 8318843469
Racing Experience : 0-5 times
Availability : I am available to race any weekday in the afternoon and any day on the weekend all day, except for June 10-17th and 1 1/2 weeks in August (date TBD).
Describe Yourself : I'm a person who can quickly pick up new skills and remains calm in stressful situations. I am a strong swimmer/ water polo player who is looking to get out into the Monterey Bay more, I sailed briefly in the past and enjoyed it, however I never had an opportunity to sail again until now. I was pointed towards the Yacht Club by Mr. Dino Pick, I am excited for this opportunity and will do my best to perform at the highest level possible. Part of my hope is that through this experience, I can pick up maritime skills as I prepare to apply for the Naval Academy.
Date : 2016-06-04