Available Crew

This I Want to Crew list contains information about people who are interested in Sailing on a boat in a Race.

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  Full Name Racing Experience Availability Describe Yourself Date
Sean Jin 0-5 times I can race any weekend and most weekday evenings. I have been sailing for a year with about 100 hours of being a boat skipper on 16, 22, and 25 footers. Most of my time has been in bays/harbors with a couple of days on blue water, and very little racing. I am a fast learner and absolutely love being on t... 2015-09-07
Paul Bowker 0-5 times I am available Wednesday ( all day) and weekends Hi my name is Paul. I am a 22 year old male attending CSUMB. I am studying Marine Science and absolutely love sailing. I am interested in improving my sailing skills and learning to race. As well I am looking for anyone who needs crew for relaxing wee... 2015-09-05
Bramm Scholz 1-5 years I am available to race...any evening other than Wednesday. Weekends. 30 year old CSUMB student, grew up in Wisconsin. Raced the 2006 and 2007 summers on Lake Winnebago on a 24' Yankee Dolphin 2015-09-04
George "Alex" Wilbanks More than 5 years Monday through Friday (5:00pm--whenever) Saturdays and Sundays (all day) 26 year old New England native born and raised racing at Cedar Point Yacht Club in Westport, Connecticut (21 years of sailing experience). Extensive one design racing resume includes dinghies (Lasers, V15s, 420s, Thistles) and keel boats (Express 37s, Vi... 2015-08-22
Trevor Grossi 0-5 times I am available to race evenings and weekends. I work and go to school at CSU Monterey Bay, so my availability depends on my school schedule. I am 22 years old, male, attending CSU Monterey Bay as a business major. I have had some experience sailing on my Grandfather's Catalina 355, and I also sailed Hobies when I was in Boy Scouts. I am athletic, a fast leaner, and do not mind grunt work. 2015-08-12
Ryan Hogan 1-5 years I am available to race... Recent experience is mainly on J/24's with additional experience on a J/42 and have sailed Lasers for 10+ years. Currently race with Coyote Point Yacht Club in San Mateo for Beercan Races on Wednesday, but am frequently in Monterey on weekends and would ... 2015-08-09
Kalia Schuster 1-5 years I am available to race... M, W, Th any time Sat/Sun From Hawaii, mostly sailed small boats (Toppers, El Toros, 420s, JOs) Have sailed larger boats less often Haven't sailed in a while, want to get back into practice 2015-08-08
Julie Mergen More than 5 years I want to get back into racing. I have sailed through childhood and college and left the sport for many years and now want to come back. I have a 16 year old son who is showing and interest in the sailing and would love to get him racing too! 2015-08-03
Jason Tebedo 0-5 times I am available on all days with the exception of Monday and Wednesday (before 5pm). I am a basic sailor who is ASA 101 certified. 2015-07-20
Kelley Lefmann 1-5 years I am available to race occasional Wednesdays and most every Sunday, childcare permitting. Born & raised in the Bay Area, but new to sailing in the last 15 or so years (my dad taught me on an Omega on Lexington Reservoir, and we just sold our family's Islander Freeport 36'). I walked the docks in college & did some big boat racing (mostly J-boa... 2015-07-16
Patrick jones 0-5 times I am available to race...on the weekends and weekdays after 530. I am an avid waterman surfing, kayaking and diving. I want to continue to learn and grow as a sailor! I just moved here and have minimal knowledge about sailing. I have sailed as 2nd mate from charleston sc to the Bahamas and I have done some messing aro... 2015-07-15
William Ary 1-5 years Most days, most times, especially after 5pm and weekends. Might be able to take a few days off for a big race or a cruise somewhere. Marine bio PhD student looking to improve his novice racing/keelboat skills and go fast. Parents sailed Columbia Defender 29, did coastal cruising and bare boat charters, I was rail meat. Actually learned to sail after college with Morro Bay YC and OCC Sc... 2015-06-24
Erin Madeira More than 5 years My husband and I are available to race regularly. Wednesday night series would be best fit. My husband and I both sailed professionally for a few years and have raced recreationally for many years. We both held USCG captain's licenses and did a global circumnavigation on a 43-foot ketch 2001-2004. Previously I sailed dinghies competitively in co... 2015-05-19
Joseph Ramirez 0-5 times I am available to race... New to sailing and eager to learn. I want to learn as much as I can. I want to buy a sailboat someday and sail accross the pacific. 2015-04-28
Alicia Ward More than 5 years I am available to race nights and weekends Been sailing dinghies for a decade. Most of my big boat experience is on bow. 2015-04-21
Kris Paulsen 0-5 times I am available to race...late afternoons/evenings during the week, holidays and weekends by arrangement. Sunset series and weekend races would work perfectly for me! I'm an avid water baby who enjoys ocean swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling, and just about anything else that gets me in or on the water. I learned to sail when I was a kid and would like to get back into it so that I can one day have... 2015-04-19
Ryan Flagg 0-5 times I am available to race US Sailing Basic Keelboat & US Sailing Basic Cruising Certified Used to sail mostly out of Berkeley Marina in the San Francisco Bay, but haven’t sailed in a few years. 2015-04-13
Paul Less than 1 season I am available to race... about half the time. I work on a drill ship in the Gulf of Mexico on a three week on / three week off schedule, so I am only in Monterey about half of the year. I have some sailing experience, though minimal at best. The majority of my maritime experience has been as a mate on research vessels and dynamically-positioned drilling vessels. I really enjoy being on the water and especially appreciate the unique peace... 2015-04-02
Taran Crocker Less than 1 season I am available to race...Wednesday's & Sunday's... I've participated a few times with coyote point yaht club and learned a lot...new to this area...thanks! 2015-03-23
Susanne Piccari 0-5 times I am available to race Attended March 21st MPYC Shields Clinic 2015-03-22