If it floats, chances are we race it at MPYC.  From remote-controlled fleets to Laser, FJ, Mercury, U-20, Santana, Shields and PHRF, you'll find someone at race at the club.  MPYC is a frequent host of One Design regattas including multiple national championships.

Our annual series races feature PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) boats along with Shields and Santana 22 One Designs.

Popular One Design Fleets at MPYC


The Shields Class was conceived by legendary yachtsman Cornelius Shields, a driving force behind the international one design (IOD) competition. Shields believed that competitions using racing yachts with equal hulls, rigs and sails, would identify the finest sailors. Shields commissioned the first IOD sloop for the Amorita Cup series of team races between Bermuda and Long Island Sound in 1937.

The advent of affordable and practical fiberglass hulls inspired Shields to design a similar sloop for crews of three to five. In 1962, he commissioned legendary America’s Cup designer Olin Stephens to collaborate on the design of the Shields Class one design yacht, initially for competition between maritime academies. With similar sleek lines to his 1937 IOD, the new Shields Class yacht incorporated a number of modern trends, reducing the strains on the crew. The result was a classic, sleek, fast and strikingly beautiful design that provides what many consider a classic, pure sailing experience.

Santana 22

Commissioned by Bill Schock, and designed by Gary Mull, the Santana 22 provides and exilerating sailing experience. Affordable and fun, the Santana 22 has a masthead sloop rig.  The keelboat is built mostly of fiberglass with wood triman internally-mounted spade-type rudder and a fixed fin keel.  

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