Summer Sailing FAQ

Activities in the Summer Sailing Progam happen in a variety of groupings, based on the experience of the sailor, the topic, and the objective of instruction. Some activities, such as first day introductions and expectations are covered in a whole group setting. Some activities, such as basic rigging, parts of the boat, boat control, weather/wind/current, knot tying, race tactics, etc. are completed in ability or experience-based groups. 

Participants must be able to swim at least 25 yards, wearing their wetsuits, without life jackets. Swim tests are given off the dock outside the Club. After initial instruction and swim tests, participants in Summer Sailing Program are divided into three instructional groups of 4-8 campers each: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Instructional groups are based on experience and skill level. If there is a wide age or experience range at a particular session, we will also further divide the groups by experience and age so that 8 year olds are not necessarily paired with 17 year olds; and beginners are not paired with advanced groups.

Each group has its own Senior Instructor and two Staff Instructors, plus one Instructor Intern. Sailors may rotate between groups as their skills increase, or in order to meet their specific needs. In general, younger sailors often take more time to feel comfortable in mastering new skills; older sailors often take less time and thus progress more quickly. The individual’s rate of progress is always perfectly acceptable! We don’t pressure young sailors to perform beyond their comfort level on the water. Whatever the age or level, it is our goal to make their sailing experience as safe, engaging, and enjoyable as possible!


How do I register my child? 

All registrations are managed through Club Spot.  Follow the links below for registration and availability.

Register here:   MPYC 2023 Summer Sailing Registration

Can I register for more than one sessions?

Yes! Please verify that the session dates do not overlap.  There are registration discounts if you sign-up for multiple sessions.

How old does my child have to be to participate?

MPYC suggests an age range from 8 to 18 years old.  No prior sailing experience is needed to participate for the Learn to Sail courses. We have classes for beginners to advanced sailing and racing.

Do I need to own a sailboat or do I have to purchase a sailboat to participate?

No. MPYC has sailboats the sailors will use.

What type of sailboat will my child be sailing?

MPYC has the following dinghy sailboats:

  • Optimist (Opti)
  • CFJ
  • 420
  • Lasers

What are the hours for the sessions each day?

The classes are held either from 9:00am – 12:00pm or 1:00pm – 4:00pm. Please check on the class you are registered in for the appropriate time.

Are snacks/lunch provided for my Child?

Snacks and lunch are not provided. Please pack nutritious snacks that are portable and easy to eat and send plenty of water.

Where is the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club located?

MPYC is located on Commercial Wharf #2 in Monterey off of Figueroa Street.  MPYC is on the harbor side of the wharf, directly adjacent to Sapporo’s and London Bridge Pub.

Where do I park?

MPYC does not have any parking facilities but there is plenty of public parking around the Wharf and Del Monte Beach area. Be sure to pay for parking at the kiosks located throughout the parking or through the City Parking App. Parents may utilize the MPYC deck to watch their sailors during the sessions.

Where do the classes meet?

Parents will drop off their sailors at MPYC.  Please enter through the main door adjacent to the Sapporo and London Bridge Pub entrance. 

Please do not drop your child off more than 15 minutes before the beginning of class or pick them up more than 15 minutes after the session has ended.

What do the sailors wear each day?

Each sailor is required to wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket and a wet suit while they are on the water and sailing. Life Jackets are provided by the Yacht Club if your child does not have one but it is the sailors responsibility to have their own wetsuit. Comfortable clothes and a hat that will protect the sailor from the sun and that they can get wet are important. Closed toe, non-marking shoes such as Keens, water shoes, old-sneakers (canvas sneaker such as Converse All-Stars work well).  MPYC also has helmets available for sailors to borrow.

What do I bring?

  • Wetsuit: The water in the Monterey Bay is very cold. Wet-suits are highly recommended. Either full-length or “Shorty” is fine.  We have a few wetsuits available to borrow. Contact for more information about borrowing a wetsuit.
  • Sunscreen and Hat: We will spend a lot of time in the sun!
  • Sunglasses: Eye protection is critical in our sport. Please opt for polarized lenses for maximum protection.
  • Change of clothing and towel: Dry clothes for after sailing and the ride home.
  • Snack and refillable water bottle.

Optional Items: Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket, Helmet (MPYC will provide these items if the sailor does not have them).

Can parents watch?

Yes! Parents may utilize the MPYC deck to watch their sailors.  When the sailors are out of the harbor, viewing is best from the end of Wharf #2 or the Coast Guard Pier.

My sailor had a great time! What next?

Our classes progress in a logical, linear manner at MPYC. The flow is: Learn to Sail → Opti Development Team → Beginner/Intermediate Race Team (at Stillwater Yacht Club) →  Advanced Race Team. Each class builds upon the previous and adds skills necessary for success at the next level.

It is common for sailors to advance programs within one summer. If your sailor takes Learn to Sail at the beginning of the summer, consider signing them up for the Opti Development Team or the Beginner/Intermediate Race team for the second part of the summer.  Additionally, if your sailors takes the Beginner/Intermediate Race Team for the first session, they may qualify for the Advanced Race Team for the 2nd session.

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Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club is proud to be associated with US Sailing and the American Sailing Association