The Club has already ordered new barstools to replace the shabby old ones. This means that there are 10 less-than-gently-used old barstools to be disposed of. Instead of throwing the old barstools out, let's have a fun project and maybe make some money in the bargain!

Here's what we'll do... Members will have the opportunity to 'adopt' one of the old barstools and refurbish it to be auctioned off at the Club. Just let Sharron Frey (Chair of the Barstool Makeover Project Committee) know you wish to adopt a chair. Tell her in person or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If more than 10 members wish to adopt a chair, a drawing will be held to determine the lucky adopters!

Members who adopt a barstool will have SIX WEEKS to give that old barstool a complete makeover! Use your imagination! Shabby chic? Nautical theme? Summer of Love? Wild and Crazy? Make it a barstool that some lucky person will want to 'chair-ish' forever! After the six-week makeover, the revitalized barstools will be displayed at the Club, and members will have the opportunity to purchase these amazing works of functional art in a silent auction format. The silent auction will last for two weeks. At the end of the auction time, winners will be announced. All money collected will go to the 'Bar Chair Chair-i-tee Fund', which will be used to offset the cost of the new barstools!

If you want to be part of the Barstool Makeover Project, contact Sharron ASAP to adopt your own special barstool to refurbish! You've only got six weeks to get the project done, so don't delay!

Ultimate Barstool Makeover Project