Goal: To become a safe and increasingly independent FJ/Opti sailor


Maneuvers Afloat (wind up to 10 knots);

  • Get safely in and out of an FJ or Opti
  • Independently rig and derig an FJ or Opti
  • Perform the following maneuvers with instructor supervision
  • Sail on a beat, reach, and run
  • Tack and jibe
  • Beach, dock, and sail off from each
  • Tie onto a tow line
  • Get out of irons

Terminology (understand the following terms):

  • Boat: hull, bow, stem, port, starboard, sail, tack, clew, head, mast, boom, rudder, tiller, mainsheet, downhaul, outhaul
  • Sailing: tack, jibe, close-hauled, reaching, running

Safety Awareness

  • Show how to put on and properly secure a PFD
  • Sail into and out of the "Safety Position" and describe uses for "Safety Position"
    • Demonstrate capsize and crew overboard rescue
    • Explain why wearing shoes and PFD on the docks is a requirement


  • State the first rule of sailing (render assistance)
  • Describe when and how to check for other boats
  • Tell why and how to avoid a collision


  • Demonstrate how to store the boat and equipment after sailing
  • Show how to roll, fold, and store a sail after sailing
  • Clean the boat and equipment properly

Seamanship Knowledge

  • State the difference between a rope, line, and sheet
  • Tie the following knots and discuss their uses: figure-8, square, two half hitches, and bowline
  • Secure a boat to a dock with a cleat hitch

Environmental Awareness

  • Identify wind direction on land and name three ways to tell wind direction
  • Describe weather and water clues that indicate good or bad sailing conditions
  • Discuss the warning signs of inclement weather and what to do should heavy winds develop or a storm approach.
  • Define water pollution and name two ways sailors can help the environment
  • Reducing our impact on the ocean (sustainable/recyclable lunches, pick up litter)

General Sailing Knowledge

  • Identify the insignia of FJ, Opti, and Open BIC.