Goal: To become a safe and increasingly independent FJ/Opti sailor; to learn basic sailing rules and techniques that apply most often on the race course.

In addition to skills covered in the Summer Sailing Camp Basic Level Course Outline:

Wind Awareness

  • Wind Direction
  • Puffs and Lulls

How Sails Work:

  • Basic Sail Theory
  • Sail Telltales
  • Controlling Sail Power
  • Apparent Wind

Sailing Directions

  • Sail Trim
  • Points of Sail

Sailing Upwind:

  • Steering
  • Optimum Upwind “Groove”
  • Helm Balance
  • Controlling Angle of Heel
  • Tacking
  • Port and Starboard Tacks
  • Wind Shifts
  • Getting Out of Irons

Sailing Downwind

  • Sail Trim
  • Steering
  • Helm Balance
  • Jibing

Improving Skills

  • Refining the Basic Skills
  • Reading and Reacting to Puffs and Lulls
  • Techniques for Adjusting Helm Balance
  • Angle of Heel
  • Depowering and Powering-up with Sail Shape and Trim
  • Seamanship and Safety

Right of Way

  • Sailboat Meeting Sailboat
  • Sailboat Meeting Human propelled boat
  • Sailboat Meeting Powerboat or Boat Under Power
  • Powerboat Meeting Powerboat
  • Ways to avoid collisions