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Tuesday, March 17, 2020
  • Hello yachties!
    Our MPYC Entertainment Committee is here for cheer!! I know we all have the COVID-19 blues when we really want to see GREEN!!! ???
    Let’s have a virtual  Lonely Leprechaun scavenger hunt!!! Find these items in your home, car or boat - snap a photo or video and post on the MPYC FB page! There will be prizes!! Don’t forget to let the kiddos join in on the fun - prizes for them, too!!
    1.  Compose or write out your favorite Limerick.
    2.  Post photo of your Wearin' the Green!
    3.  Show us your green beer or beverage of choice ?
    4.  Send a video of you or your family members dancing the jig, reel or horn pipe.
    5.  Serenade us with a soulful ballad or your fave Irish drinking song ??
    6.  Catch a leprechaun and provide the evidence.
    7.  We want to see a Lucky 4 leaf clover ?
    8.  We know you are cooking!! Let us see the cabbage - cooked or raw.
    9. Where are you hiding the gold coins? We wanna see em! ?
    10.  Okay, help out the over 65 crowd - they need fake IDs to go out on the town. Who can create one?
    Ready, Set, Gooo!!!
    You have until Wednesday evening to submit! Encourage others to join our MPYC FB page!
    This is all in fun - we do realize the seriousness and significance of the restrictions in place to keep us all safe.