A special address for the MPYC.org Calendar can be specified by another tool (Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Apple, etc.) and that external tool can request updates.  Once the tool is updated, you can use your smartphone or other device to check that tool's calendar.  

For example, I can view Google Calendars on my phone so I create an additional Google Calendar in my account, specify the MPYC.org Calendar ical url and then synch my phone with my Google calendar and I can then see all MPYC calendar events on my phone.

 Get the URL (web address)

  • Go to the ical Subscribe page under Calendar on the MPYC.org web site
  • Select the Categories and Years you would like to see
  • I'd recommend select the "Preserve formatting in description…." option
  • Select the Select button
  • Once the page refreshes, a link should appear below the Select button
  • Right mouse click on the link and select Copy Link (or similar - depending on browser used)
  • Paste this link into your Calendar tool of choice, I've detailed a few below:

Import into your service of choice

Google (may change as their interface changes)

  • Go to your google Calendar - http://calendar.google.com
  • in the left-hand navigation use the drop down option to the right of the "Other Calendars" item
  • Select the "Add by URL" option
  • Paste the URL coped from above into that field
  • A new calendar should be created

Yahoo (may change as their interface changes)

  • Go to your Yahoo Calendar - http://calendar.yahoo.com
  • In the left-hand navigation select the Plus icon to the right of the Subscribed item
  • Select the option to Subscribe to other calendars
  • Paste the web address obtained above
  • Input a desired Display name and Calendar color
  • A new calendar should be created

Hotmail (may change as their interface changes)

  • Go to your hotmail calendar
  • Select the Subscribe option above the current calendar
  • Choose "Subscribe to a public calendar"
  • Paste the web address into the Calendar URL field
  • Input your desired calendar name
  • Select the Subscribe to Calendar button

Synch your phone with the service

Once the MPYC events are shown in your service of choice, check your phone calendar to see if it now sees the events.
If it is not done automatically you may need to either:

  • Wait and check later
  • Have your phone refresh the calendar list
  • Turn your phone off and back on