Founded in 1953 as a not-for-profit organization, the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club is a yachting and social club comprised of over 400 adult and junior members who have an interest in coming together to share in boating, sailing, yacht racing and social activities. Club membership is not limited to boat owners.

MPYC maintains a clubhouse with a staffed bar and galley, but relies on volunteer efforts for all other functions, which provides many and varied opportunities to participate. The clubhouse is available for rental for private parties.

With its small family character, the club has established a reputation among the West Coast yachting communities for warm hospitality, friendly competition, and above all, lots of fun. MPYC runs over 100 sailing races each year, has hosted numerous national racing events, and enjoys stature as a major yacht racing club.

The Monterey Peninsula, blessed with natural beauty, a protected harbor and an abundance of marine wildlife, offers a rich tradition surrounding the sea and many guaranteed opportunities to enjoy its benefits.  We invite you to join us in expanding your enjoyment of the sea. If you would like more information about the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club, please call and ask for the Club Manager, the Commodore or the Membership Chairperson.

The term “Community” is what Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club is all about.  In fact, the Club has always been and will remain an extended family to all of us.  While the clubhouse is temporarily closed, we will continue to plan for our future, we will dream about future races, about cruises, social events, and even meet (remotely) to plan logistics for these many events and activities. As we continue to stay in touch, take walks, and continue to exercise as we have always done, our new best tool now includes Zoom Conferencing so that we may keep in contact even when we can not physically be present and meet. This terrible threat and crisis will pass. Let’s continue to plan  for a bright future and tomorrow.