The term “Community” is what Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club is all about.  In fact, the Club has always been and will remain an extended family to all of us.  While the clubhouse is temporarily closed, we will continue to plan for our future, we will dream about future races, about cruises, social events, and even meet (remotely) to plan logistics for these many events and activities. As we continue to stay in touch, take walks, and continue to exercise as we have always done, our new best tool now includes Zoom Conferencing so that we may keep in contact even when we can not physically be present and meet. This terrible threat and crisis will pass. Let’s continue to plan  for a bright future and tomorrow.

As Coronavirus spreads, the safety and well being of our members and staff remains our first priority.  The Board has unanimously determined that the risk/benefit of keeping to-go food operations in place has now significantly shifted.  Much consideration was made and continues in response to recent events regarding this topic, where now the well-being and health of our beloved staff members clearly outweighs our efforts to remain open for these important (albeit limited) services.  Therefore, the Board has determined that food services (including take out) will now be suspended temporarily until further notice. Our temporary clubhouse closure (including the suspension of take out dining) will be in effect until this crisis passes and our local and state authorities have determined that it is deemed acceptable to reopen.

Please note that the Board also recognizes that this closure, and temporary suspension of our primary operations, is putting an inordinate amount of financial and emotional strain on our employees and their families.  Therefore, in an effort to minimize these effects, as voted and approved by the Board, the MPYC has authorized the General Manager to provide a week of paid leave to provide appropriate time to compile a compensation package to support staff as they transition to receiving unemployment coverage. It is our intention that we will stay in close contact with each of our staff and will look into rehire soon after the clubhouse reopens.

This is certainly a difficult time for both members and our staff.  As such, it is important to stay in touch and connected with each other throughout this crisis…especially with those members who are single or whose families are distant.  Also, we ask you to regularly check the website for updates, watch for weekly eblasts, and consider joining the other (215 now and climbing) members on MPYC’s private Facebook page and other social media platforms.

The true spirit of our membership and our Club will certainly remain within each of us while we shelter in place and postpone our racing, cruising, and social events. Our membership and staff are what make the Club what it is… That will never change!  We are here for each other, we will prevail, and will see this through. Be safe!

Michael A. Polkabla
Commodore MPYC



Stay Updated

We Are in This Together

We are doing everything we can to keep the clubhouse and our members safe & healthy, but we need your help and cooperation to make this work.

  • Please follow all relevant procedures as they are developed by recognized federal and state agencies such as those listed above to protect yourselves, your family and our communities.
  • MPYC also suspends all onsite activities through at least April 8th, 2020 effective immediately.


See the FAQs developed (Updated March 24) to see if your specific questions have already been addressed.

The Clubhouse

  • By order of the Monterey County Local Health Officer (LHO) (FAQs), the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club is hereby physically closed. This closure also specifically includes the physical Clubhouse, the bar, bathrooms, the deck, storage yard, and the MPYC docks. Note - The Clubhouse access doors will be immediately locked to key and fob access to all members (excluding staff and Flags) until further notice.
  • Use of Club boats (including Duncan’s Watch, suport boats, and any club owned or leased boats/vessels) is suspended at this time. Note - this includes any club leased rowing boats other MPYC junior team vessels.

Dining (Cancelled)

  • All dining (including Take-out) has been cancelled.

The Bar and Common Areas

  • As noted above, the Clubhouse is CLOSED until further notice. This also includes the bar, ice machine, bathrooms, deck, and dock areas. Access to such areas will only be available to Club Management, staff, the Commodore, Flags, and critical maintenance and service personnel at this time.


  • All club organized racing has been suspended until further notice. Please contact Race Chair Jean du Preez for further information regarding specific scheduled events and relevant updates as to when this suspension will be lifted.

Social Events

  • All private parties and outside events at the club are suspended until further notice. Please contact club management for further information on specific events already on the schedule.

Reciprocity and Guests

  • The Club will be closed until further notice. This closure includes the physical Clubhouse, the deck, and its docks.
  • The Club has also suspended reciprocal access to the club and club dock facilities until further notice.


  • All junior activities have been suspended until further notice.
  • Coach Howerton will be developing digital meetups and lessons for the sailing teams.

Summer Sailing

At this time we are in the process of preparing for Summer Sailing Camp.

  • Camp registration will go live at the end of April, with the caveat that sessions will be cancelled if the health and safety of participants is still a concern.
  • Instructor interviews will be conducted through FaceTime and Skype

Any other items not addressed should be directed to the MPYC Commodore.


Thank you all for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Michael Polkabla - Commodore, MPYC
Dylan Jones - MPYC Club Manager
Dan Green - Bar and Galley Chair
Lola Hogan - House Committee Chair

MPYC Board of Directors:

Jean du Preez - Vice Commodore
Scott Brubaker - Rear Commodore
Sharron Frey - Staff Commodore
Jeff Kise - Treasurer
Ryan McMillen - Recording Secretary
Dana Russell - Corresponding Secretary

MPYC Directors:

Jan Loomis
Dave MacEwen
Lola Hogan
Todd Muck