Available Crew

This I Want to Crew list contains information about people who are interested in Sailing on a boat in a Race.

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Full NameRacing ExperienceAvailabilityDescribe YourselfDate
Austin Robertson0-5 timesI am available to race...Monday - Friday I am a Monterey native who enjoys surfing, hiking and photography. I am looking to pursue a career in the yacht industry and would like to gain some relevant experience before applying for jobs 2018-11-13
Kristen Seaholm0-5 timesI am available to race on Sundays and Mondays, and in the evenings. Hi! I am newer to the area and love to sail. While I have not yet participated in races, I have sailed many times over the past 5 years, up in the SF Bay and miss it terribly! I’m hard working and love nothing more than the wind and the ocean breeze and...2018-11-06
michelle mattrawMore than 5 yearsI am available to race...I take orders well....I am fun....2018-10-14
John Ellis1-5 yearsI am available to race on weekends. I am a MIIS student who grew up around sailboats. I trained in Optimist and Laser classes. I raced a few times, too. That was in Barcelona. I would love to participate in some sailing here in Monterey. I am a student, so I have a bit of a small budget, bu...2018-08-21
Brett SorensenMore than 5 yearsI am available to race... We will be in Monterey on 8/1/2018 and have the evening free.Raced on the Chesapeake for 30 years. Owned and raced and Express 35 in the spin fleet for over 20 years and currently race with a crew and double-handed. I can fill in at any position. Terri can run cabin top and pit and can also assist with trimming (ta...2018-07-25
Caroline Gustavson0-5 timesI am available to race anytime after 4:30 during the weekday and anytime on the weekend.I am interning this summer at Middlebury Institute and am trying to make the most of my time here! I grew up on Saint Simons Island Georgia and go to the University of Georgia. I have sailed only a couple of times, but love adventures. I am super outgoing...2018-07-17
Katelyn massaroni1-5 yearsI am available to race Wednesday and most Sundays I grew up racing in northern Michigan, moved out to Monterey 4 years ago and miss being out on the water trimming sheets. =)2018-07-11
Jay Hughes1-5 yearsEvenings and weekends I'm a bit of a mixed bag. Took sailing classes in College and for a few years in Hawaii, owned a 30ft sloop in Hawaii for 3 years. I have only raced once and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Haven't properly sailed in about 6 y...2018-06-30
Bob Witty0-5 timesWeekends and some availability during the week.I am 52 years old and fairly athletic, I have taken and passed ASA Fundamentals and ASA 101 and am enrolled / expect to complete ASA 103 and ASA 104 by the end of July. I have been sailing since I was a teenager and had a 13' single sail boat. I work in i...2018-06-18
Chuck DeVitaMore than 5 yearsI am available to race most days. Have also sailed a variety of larger boats on multi-day cruises in various places around the world. I have passed the ASA Coastal Piloting & Navigation course. I am semi-retired. Have experience racing in Monterey, S... I am semi-retired. I do some mentoring of software start ups and teach a cloud computing course to executives at Stanford. I also am an avid snow skier and tennis player. I have experience racing in Monterey, SF Bay and Newport Beach on PCs, Santana...2018-06-12
Kari Galer0-5 timesI am available to race nearly any time.I have lived in PG for over 13 years. I grew up in California going out monthly with my family in our ski boat. For several years we also had a catamaran. I haven't ever sailed on my own and it has been years since I have been sailing so I would need to b...2018-06-11
Daniel Church0-5 timesi am available for Wednesday and sunday racesI would love to participate in any capacity on a boat in the summer races. I grew up day sailing on the east coast and love being on the water. Looking to get into racing. I take instruction very well,and am always ready and willing to learn.2018-06-05
Evan KortMore than 5 yearsOpen availability as of now; will be moving to the Monterey area late May/early June. I started sailing when I was 6 years old in Southern California, raced dinghies competitively all through high school (Monterey) and did a couple years of college sailing; I have about 8 years of coaching experience as well. I injured my shoulder in coll...2018-05-18
Henri Ferré0-5 timesI am available to race weekdays after 5:00pm and weekends. I grew up sailing and boating on Buzzards Bay, MA, Lake Sunapee, NH and in Annapolis, MD. I am currently getting my MA here in Monterey and sail on occasion. My racing experience is only with rowing, but I hope to combine that experience with my boating k...2018-05-15
Emerson HardyLess than 1 seasonAnytime from June to September on weekends or after 4pm during the week. I have been racing Flying Juniors for about 6 months now on the UCLA sailing team. I would love to keep racing while I am back home in Monterey. I'm happy to crew any size boat. I am ready and willing to learn.2018-05-14
Charles MurmanMore than 5 yearsI am available to race anytime. I grew up in junior sailing on the Great Lakes, sailed in college, then raced big boats during law school. I have been living in Jacksonville the last couple years and did not have the opportunity to sail much. I'd like to get back into it. 2018-04-15
Scott GoadLess than 1 seasonI'm available for Wednesday night races and for most Sunday racesI'm a fairly new sailor. I have taken sailing classes but consider myself a beginner. I am however good at following instructions. I'm also fairly strong and good condition. I would love to have the opportunity to crew. 2018-02-27
BRAD SHUPE0-5 timesI have a very flexible schedule and can make almost anything workI was very active in my junior sailing club with my sabot, but that was 40 years ago. Before moving here. I belonged to a sailing club in Newport Beach, CA and a sailed Harbor 20. I do not have lots of experience, but willing to work hard and learn. I a...2018-01-30
kieran sweeneyMore than 5 yearsEvery day, all day through January 2. Possibly racing in San Francisco F18 on December 30 but flexible.Avid F18 and Laser color of 7 years. Junior majoring in electrical and software engineering at Penn State. Raced 52s offshore in the Swiftsure, finishing 2nd overall. Prefers symmetric spinnaker setups but experienced with symmetric kites. Love the bow bu...2017-12-28
Tyler Elko0-5 timesI am available to race...most any day or time. I'm self employed for the time being.I am a 28 year old world traveler with a good amount of small boat and cruising experience who knows next to nothing about racing.... yet. I have twice sailed/rowed from Albany, NY to/from Burlington, VT in a homemade, wooden dory. In Burlington, VT I wor...2017-11-05