Available Crew

This I Want to Crew list contains information about people who are interested in Sailing on a boat in a Race.

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Full NameRacing ExperienceAvailabilityDescribe YourselfDate
Issac Ohana0-5 timesI am available to race...I am skipper and own a boat (now in San Diego). Don't have experience racing but I would like to learn and participate. I am traveling extensively for work but I will make effort to attend as much as possible when I am not traveling. 2019-05-11
Dana RileyMore than 5 yearsMost anytime with advance notice...or maybe not too much advance notice...just ask...I'll be there any time I can.Former MPYC member. Ya'll know me. Former MPYC bartender before you graciously helped me to become a "real"member. For "rail meat" purposes: 5'5", 140lbs. Big boats are better for me these days due a variety of physical "preferences". I want to get b...2019-03-22
Andrzej K Goroch0-5 timesI am available to race...Most daysI Like to do many sort of outdoor activities, I have recently moved back to the area from San Diego and I would love to get out on the water2019-03-16
Deacon Roby0-5 timesI am available to race when needed! Im 19 year old surfer just come back from 6 months in a few countries. I'm keen on learning more about boats. My dream is to one day becoming a deckhand first on a sail boat or yacht. Please send some knowledge my way! I'd work for free! 2019-03-08
Austin Robertson0-5 timesI am available to race...Monday - Friday I am a Monterey native who enjoys surfing, hiking and photography. I am looking to pursue a career in the yacht industry and would like to gain some relevant experience before applying for jobs 2018-11-13
Kristen Seaholm0-5 timesI am available to race on Sundays and Mondays, and in the evenings. Hi! I am newer to the area and love to sail. While I have not yet participated in races, I have sailed many times over the past 5 years, up in the SF Bay and miss it terribly! I’m hard working and love nothing more than the wind and the ocean breeze and...2018-11-06
michelle mattrawMore than 5 yearsI am available to race...I take orders well....I am fun....2018-10-14
John Ellis1-5 yearsI am available to race on weekends. I am a MIIS student who grew up around sailboats. I trained in Optimist and Laser classes. I raced a few times, too. That was in Barcelona. I would love to participate in some sailing here in Monterey. I am a student, so I have a bit of a small budget, bu...2018-08-21
Brett SorensenMore than 5 yearsI am available to race... We will be in Monterey on 8/1/2018 and have the evening free.Raced on the Chesapeake for 30 years. Owned and raced and Express 35 in the spin fleet for over 20 years and currently race with a crew and double-handed. I can fill in at any position. Terri can run cabin top and pit and can also assist with trimming (ta...2018-07-25
Caroline Gustavson0-5 timesI am available to race anytime after 4:30 during the weekday and anytime on the weekend.I am interning this summer at Middlebury Institute and am trying to make the most of my time here! I grew up on Saint Simons Island Georgia and go to the University of Georgia. I have sailed only a couple of times, but love adventures. I am super outgoing...2018-07-17
Katelyn massaroni1-5 yearsI am available to race Wednesday and most Sundays I grew up racing in northern Michigan, moved out to Monterey 4 years ago and miss being out on the water trimming sheets. =)2018-07-11
Jay Hughes1-5 yearsEvenings and weekends I'm a bit of a mixed bag. Took sailing classes in College and for a few years in Hawaii, owned a 30ft sloop in Hawaii for 3 years. I have only raced once and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Haven't properly sailed in about 6 y...2018-06-30
Bob Witty0-5 timesWeekends and some availability during the week.I am 52 years old and fairly athletic, I have taken and passed ASA Fundamentals and ASA 101 and am enrolled / expect to complete ASA 103 and ASA 104 by the end of July. I have been sailing since I was a teenager and had a 13' single sail boat. I work in i...2018-06-18
Chuck DeVitaMore than 5 yearsI am available to race most days. Have also sailed a variety of larger boats on multi-day cruises in various places around the world. I have passed the ASA Coastal Piloting & Navigation course. I am semi-retired. Have experience racing in Monterey, S... I am semi-retired. I do some mentoring of software start ups and teach a cloud computing course to executives at Stanford. I also am an avid snow skier and tennis player. I have experience racing in Monterey, SF Bay and Newport Beach on PCs, Santana...2018-06-12
Kari Galer0-5 timesI am available to race nearly any time.I have lived in PG for over 13 years. I grew up in California going out monthly with my family in our ski boat. For several years we also had a catamaran. I haven't ever sailed on my own and it has been years since I have been sailing so I would need to b...2018-06-11
Daniel Church0-5 timesi am available for Wednesday and sunday racesI would love to participate in any capacity on a boat in the summer races. I grew up day sailing on the east coast and love being on the water. Looking to get into racing. I take instruction very well,and am always ready and willing to learn.2018-06-05
Evan KortMore than 5 yearsOpen availability as of now; will be moving to the Monterey area late May/early June. I started sailing when I was 6 years old in Southern California, raced dinghies competitively all through high school (Monterey) and did a couple years of college sailing; I have about 8 years of coaching experience as well. I injured my shoulder in coll...2018-05-18
Henri Ferré0-5 timesI am available to race weekdays after 5:00pm and weekends. I grew up sailing and boating on Buzzards Bay, MA, Lake Sunapee, NH and in Annapolis, MD. I am currently getting my MA here in Monterey and sail on occasion. My racing experience is only with rowing, but I hope to combine that experience with my boating k...2018-05-15
Emerson HardyLess than 1 seasonAnytime from June to September on weekends or after 4pm during the week. I have been racing Flying Juniors for about 6 months now on the UCLA sailing team. I would love to keep racing while I am back home in Monterey. I'm happy to crew any size boat. I am ready and willing to learn.2018-05-14
Charles MurmanMore than 5 yearsI am available to race anytime. I grew up in junior sailing on the Great Lakes, sailed in college, then raced big boats during law school. I have been living in Jacksonville the last couple years and did not have the opportunity to sail much. I'd like to get back into it. 2018-04-15