Available Crew

This I Want to Crew list contains information about people who are interested in Sailing on a boat in a Race.

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Full NameRacing ExperienceAvailabilityDescribe YourselfDate
Scott GoadLess than 1 seasonI'm available for Wednesday night races and for most Sunday racesI'm a fairly new sailor. I have taken sailing classes but consider myself a beginner. I am however good at following instructions. I'm also fairly strong and good condition. I would love to have the opportunity to crew. 2018-02-27
BRAD SHUPE0-5 timesI have a very flexible schedule and can make almost anything workI was very active in my junior sailing club with my sabot, but that was 40 years ago. Before moving here. I belonged to a sailing club in Newport Beach, CA and a sailed Harbor 20. I do not have lots of experience, but willing to work hard and learn. I a...2018-01-30
kieran sweeneyMore than 5 yearsEvery day, all day through January 2. Possibly racing in San Francisco F18 on December 30 but flexible.Avid F18 and Laser color of 7 years. Junior majoring in electrical and software engineering at Penn State. Raced 52s offshore in the Swiftsure, finishing 2nd overall. Prefers symmetric spinnaker setups but experienced with symmetric kites. Love the bow bu...2017-12-28
Tyler Elko0-5 timesI am available to race...most any day or time. I'm self employed for the time being.I am a 28 year old world traveler with a good amount of small boat and cruising experience who knows next to nothing about racing.... yet. I have twice sailed/rowed from Albany, NY to/from Burlington, VT in a homemade, wooden dory. In Burlington, VT I wor...2017-11-05
michelle mattrawMore than 5 yearsI am available to race...you name it!! Ii am an experienced racer also!!I owned a cal 20 in Portrland Oregon for 14 years. b efore I moved down here. I love being out on the rater and I raced my cal for 13 years. I love to cruise and race.2017-10-27
Jeannie Smith1-5 yearsI am available to race... Sundays & Wednesdays ALL YEAR. Foredeck experience. Enjoy just day-sailing for fun or practice too.Mature & seasoned (F/60s) Windsurfer & Hobie-Cat owner. ASA Keel Boat Certifications 101-103. 2017 Sunset Series on Santana 22 foredeck. Looking for experience on larger boats and more Spinnaker practice. Just day sailing for fun & practice works too.2017-10-22
Ben WiseleyMore than 5 yearsI am available to race... pretty much anytime - I work from home and have a flexible scheduleI'm 47, lived on a sailboat in Boston and Seattle for 10 years. I've done many long distance offshore deliveries. Crewed on the Marion-Bermuda race (600 miles). Lots of casual night racing experience. Lots of storm sailing experience. Lot's of single hand...2017-10-13
FERNANDO 0-5 times2nd and 4th Weekend available for racing, cruising, volunteering . Possible Wednesday but have 2 jr sailors 8 and 11. New sailor. Lifetime ocean lover. Swim, scuba, hiking, I loved it all. I have an ol Catalina 27 in San Mateo but prefer sailing MB. After a couple beer can races, Im definitely ready to win the americas cup. I would really like to do the transpac in ...2017-08-20
Hank Hodges0-5 timesAny night and weekend, and possible weekdays as well. I'm an NPS student who loves to sail our Catalina 27s and I'm looking for more sailing fun. 2017-07-29
Brandon Chuman0-5 timesI am available to race pretty much any evening, all day Wednesdays and Friday's, and weekends. I have owned three boats, have lived on a boat for 1.5 years, and sailed routinely for the last 3 years. I have boat crew training from the USCGAUX, which I volunteer for. 2017-07-12
John TennysonMore than 5 yearsI am available to race...Next Wednesday, 12 July. I'll be housesitting at my Uncle's place in Monterey and would like to know if anyone can use another hand on a keelboat.I'm a member of South Beach YC in San Francisco and am the skipper of a Catalina 30. We've been doing our Friday night beer can series since '99. I can steer, grind, tail, trim sails or fetch beer. At 56, I'm probably better on a keelboat than a dingy. T...2017-07-06
Steven StilesMore than 5 yearsI am available to race...anytime--I am retired I have been sailing for 40+ years. (Yes, I'm 65). I Have crewed on a number of boats during regattas in the BVI and have owned a number of boats. I do not consider myself a hard core racer but would love to crew for a skipper who is. I currently own a ...2017-06-27
Drew Arlen Burrier0-5 timesMy schedule is very flexible so I am available to race most daysI am a graduate student in Physical Oceanography at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and spend a great deal of time on the sea, but I've recently taken a few sailing lessons and have absolutely fallen in love with it. I am anxious to develop as a sailor a...2017-05-30
Randall Blades0-5 timesI am available to race on wednesdays and saturdaysBeginning- ASA 101-1042017-05-16