Founded on August 25, 1953, the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club’s activities were oriented toward sport-fishing and water skiing. There was no marina and the Club’s physical facility consisted of the old cannery pier located in front of what is now Heritage Harbor. By the late 1950’s, the present small craft harbor had been proposed, but needed the support of the community.  MPYC was instrumental in selling this project to the city fathers. One of the ways this was done was by hosting an SBRA regatta, which brought over 200 small boats from throughout California and attracted much publicity. With the opening of the marina in 1960, more sailboats began to appear, and the Club made the transition to an active racing club.

At that time, the regular dues were $10.00 per year, and Club activities were held in the basement of the old Cerritos Restaurant on Wharf #1. By 1965, the membership voted to proceed with the construction of our first and present clubhouse. The Club was encouraged by the city to select our present location, as several commercial ventures were interested in the site, and the city felt that a yacht club would be more appropriate use for the location.  There was concern that the increase in annual dues to $60.00 would cause too many resignations and put the Club in an unstable financial condition.  This proved not to be the case, and in May 1966, the New Clubhouse was opened.

When first opened, there was no staff, and all meals and social activities were provided entirely by the ladies of the Club who formed the ‘Spinnakers’. The ‘Spinnakers’ also hosted fundraising events to sponsor Junior sailing and raise money to buy office equipment.

Substantial growth and increased activity have since ensued, and the Club has grown to over 400 adult and junior members. We have added a fully staffed and professionally equipped Bar and Galley and a General Manager and Executive Chef who produces fine food, liquor, and beverages, as well as popular ‘grub and grog’ for hungry sailors. New docks and decks have been added and the Clubhouse has recently undergone a complete refurbishment to include new bathrooms and galley.

With volunteerism, MPYC has expanded Junior Sailing, Racing, Cruising, Rowing, and social activities. We host over 100 races per year, participate in numerous national racing events and enjoy stature as a major yachting club.  MPYC is unique in that throughout its evolution, it has maintained a ‘small family’ character. Members still enjoy an ‘honor-system bar’ and unlimited clubhouse access. MPYC has established a reputation among the west coast yachting communities for warm hospitality, friendly competition, and above all, lots of fun.
To connect our members and our diverse community to the boundless recreational opportunities and proper stewardship of the Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean.
To actively promote the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club as a prominent West Coast destination of choice for Corinthian spirit yacht racing, recreational boating, rowing, and cruising.
To support a diverse membership that fosters inclusiveness, camaraderie, friendship, community involvement and leadership with the goal of advancing safe and sustainable maritime ecological practices.