MPYC Rowing is a recreational rowing club that strives to be inclusive. For beginning and recreational rowers we offer instruction and certifications for various levels.  For competitive rowers we sponsor our own regatta along with ample opportunities to compete along the West Coast, elsewhere in the United States, and internationally.  

We have short and long-distance routes along the scenic Monterey and Pacific Grove waterfront all the way to the open ocean. While rowing, rowers will see the abundant wildlife habitat of the bay and experience a wide range of rowing conditions.

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Coastal Rowing in Monterey

Most competitive rowing takes place on protected courses under ideal, flat-water conditions. In contrast, an open-water boaters row across an unprotected, “open” body of water experiencing the varied conditions of the environment. Open water rowing has taken off in Europe with the advent of Coastal Rowing boats and these are the type of boats that MPYC owns.

Open water rowers enjoy the chance to experience nature while getting a great work out. MPYC Rowing has courses that extend from the Monterey harbor to Lovers Point which is approximately 4 nautical miles, and to Point Pinos which is approximately 9 nautical miles. There are shorter courses that stay close to the harbor and are 2 nautical miles or less. While rowing, rowers will see harbor seals, sea lions, sea otters, and it is not unusual to see dolphins and whales.


Serve the MPYC members and community by offering a rewarding on and off the water rowing experience.


Synergistically become an integral part of MPYC, making it THE best club on the Monterey Peninsula.


Safety – A rewarding and fun rowing experience must be had safely. We will prioritize safety by doing the best we can to train our members and maintain our equipment.

Integrity – Members will have access to and be accountable for expensive equipment and facilities. This privilege of an open environment can only continue if we have responsible use and reporting.

Value – Equipment, facilities, and services must be at a quality and cost that members appreciate and feel is reasonable. As a non-profit club, members need to step forward and help make the club a great value for everyone by volunteering to do their part.

Fun – We exist to have fun and this should be in the forefront of all our interactions.


MPYC Rowing is a program within MPYC with the MPYC Board as its leadership and follows all MPYC rules and bylaws.

Boats are available to MPYC members under the following conditions:
1. The member has demonstrated competency in boat handling and rowing, as deemed by an MPYC Rowing -approved Instructor.
2. The member is current in his or her MPYC annual Club dues.
3. The member reads, understand, and agrees to follow the MPYC Rowing equipment rules.
4. The member understands that he/she is financially responsible for any damages that occur while the member is in control of the equipment (reserved time).
5. The member has completed a MPYC waiver.
6. The member participates in 10 hours of volunteer activity during the year.


Membership and Boat Use

Membership into the MPYC Rowing program is the same as MPYC. All applications, referral forms, membership types and fees can be found on the MPYC website. New rowers are able to complete a new rower clinic before committing to an MPYC membership application.

Instruction and Certification

All rowers must be certified for the level of boat, the course you will be rowing, and independent rowing (though this is not advised). Each certification can be obtained by completing the associated clinic or written approval of a club instructor. We do this to make sure that you can safely enjoy rowing the Monterey Bay. Experienced rowers still must still be certified, but instructor judgement will be used to sign-off on accomplished certificate levels. Certifications do not relieve rowers from complete responsibility for the club boats that they use and their own actions on the water.

Novice Program (not yet available) – Learn to Row: Three 2 hour sessions over two weekends are offered once per quarter. The group will not exceed 3 people. Upon completion of this course you will be allowed to row with an experienced rower in one of the doubles or with another novice within the 1 mile buoy. The cost of this program is $100.

Private coaching – Available to improve technique, to be certified to use a single boat or to row longer distances such as Lovers Point or Point Pinos. Depending on experience and skill level this may take from 1 to 5 hours. The cost of Private coaching is $25 per half hour. A normal session is 1 hour but a certification session can usually be obtained within a half hour.

Certifications to be obtained include 1) Row without an experienced person in a doubles boat beyond the 1 mile marker to Lovers Point, 2) Row in a doubles boat out to the Point Pinos buoy, 3) Row in a single within the 1 mile buoy with other rowers, 4) Row in a singles boat out to Lovers Point with other rowers, 5) row in a singles boat out to the Point Pinos buoy with other rowers, and 6) To row independently (though this is not encouraged).

Staff and Coaches (not yet established)

MPYC Rowing Committee – The role of the committee is to oversee and coordinate the activities of the rowing club. This includes 1) Creating a business model to justify storage and maintenance fees, purchase of new boats when appropriate, and other expenses, 2) Creating a membership plan and executing it, 3) Creating  an operational plan including training, scheduling, maintenance, etc; and executing it, and 4) Participating in the MPYC Board. 

Coaches – (list coaches, credentials, and contact info not yet available)

Routes and Landmarks (list, show map of, and  coordinates of rowing routes coming)

It is very important that rowers check the weather conditions before heading out. Rowers may vary the length of their row according to the conditions or cancel their row. Rowers are not allowed to row if there are small craft warnings. Rowers should also not row in winds over 10 MPH or if there is a heavy marine layer. Generally, you should not row in white caps. While the boats can go through rough seas, most rowers cannot make headway in winds over 10 MPH.

Reservation Policy

A reservation system is available through the MPYC website under Activities/Calendar. It is required to reserve boats to ensure you get the boat and time you desire. If you do not reserve a boat in advance, you must check the schedule to make sure that the boat and entire time you are using it is available. If a rower does not show up within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, the reservation is cancelled. Reservations are allowed up to 4 weeks in advance. The reservation system will also be used to monitor usage and justify new boats.

The boats may be used for 1 1/2 hour increments from sunrise up to a recommended time ending at noon. While the boats can handle rough seas, it can be difficult to row in winds over 10 MPH. Rowers should check conditions and plan accordingly. All routes head NW into the prevailing winds to give rowers the wind advantage on the return. Winds do change and it is important to check conditions before heading out.


Boats and Facilities

All rowing program members are full members of MPYC and able to take advantage of the wonderful clubhouse with 24 hour access. Please look on the MPYC website to get a full description.

Storage Facilities - The boats are stored on K dock and in the storage yard. Members will have combo and/or key access to the boats. There is a dolly to transport boats in the storage yard. The procedure of how to transport, launch, and return the boats will be covered during certification. A check-list is also included in the Appendix.


Little River Marine Heritage Classic 18 double ( – A sturdy boat with wide beam and good heft that is used by MPYC Rowing to teach beginners how to row. A certified Trainer must be with you when this boat is used.

EuroDiffusions  – A French Coastal Rowing boat widely in use by clubs. This is Eurodiffusion’s original design and is simple and rugged. It is a good boat to perfect open water rowing skills and is relatively easy to maintain. MPYC Rowing has a Yolo 25 double and 2 Yolo 18 singles.

LiteSport - Another French boat builder with Coastal Rowing boats and other boats of which MPYC has a double that is shorter and lighter than a coastal double.

Equipment Care

Most of the equipment is pretty rugged if used and maintained properly. MPYC Rowing takes pride in its well maintained boats and equipment. Maintenance will be part of your training and certification. After that, you are personally responsible for all equipment that is not used or maintained properly. Check lists are provided in the appendix for equipment maintenance before and after you row.

Private Shells

Once a rower is an accomplished rower, they often decide to purchase their own boats and/or oars. When you have your own equipment, you can customize riggers, oarlocks, and oar settings for height, pitch, length, and grip. The MPYC Rowing storage is limited at the current time and rowers with their own boats will need to use the nearby storage yard at current rates.